Sunday, September 21, 2008

Hayley's Wedding

My best friend Hayley got married this past weekend. I have been teasing her about her shot-gun wedding. She called me 5 weeks ago to tell me she and Doug had decided to get married while her little brother was on military leave. Between her traveling with work, Doug travels with work, and Dylan being home for 1 month before his next assignment in Germany for three years, it was hectic! If anyone could plan a fantastic wedding in 5 weeks it would be Hayley. The wedding was beautiful. My brother Jonathan did the ceremony and did a wonderful job as usual. Hayley made a gorgeous bride. They did the wedding and reception at her Mom's house (where I had my reception). It looked like a fairy tale wedding. There was only one small gliche which was during the vows, my son letting out a huge belch. He truly is a boy. Congratulations to Doug and Hayley Orr!

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