Tuesday, March 23, 2010

EEK! I can see a light at the end of the tunnel...

I can't believe I only have 5 weeks left of school. Right now I am studying for my medications administration competency. My client happens to be on over 30 medications. Before I can give him any of his meds I have to know safe dosage, possible side effects, any special precautions, and of course what the medication does. I should have said have memorized instead of just knowing. In two weeks I preform my head to toe competency, which I am pretty nervous about. Everything is just so much memorization. I have two written tests left and of course my final. Other than those few things, I am home free! Until next semester.

Ben woke me up Monday morning at 1:00am to tell me he had a booboo in his ear. We scheduled an appointment to find out its not an ear infection, but that he has pressure in his ear from his forever long cold. Treatment: chew gum. That makes for one happy little boy!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Back to life, back to reality...

I can't remember who sings that song. Anyway, back to school tomorrow. The first few days out of school I really missed it, but that wore off quickly. My spring break consisted of:

-Ben's cousin Abram came and stayed with him Sunday.
-Monday we drove down to Blanchard to see my new niece and do what I could to help
my sister out around her house.
-Tuesday we drove back home in the afternoon and went to bed really early!
-Wednesday I went and got a hot rock pedicure (a gift from John) and went shopping! I really like to shop, but I must admit after having Ben shopping just isn't the same. Buying for myself isn't as enjoyable and my "Mom body" is sometimes hard to find clothes to fit. I did find John some new jeans, never an easy task, 36x36 are hard to find, and I was able to find some large tall shirts. I of course had to buy some new clothes for Ben too!
-Thursday we stayed at home. John grilled a pork loin and I cooked a potato casserole and green beans. It was delicious!
-Friday I took Ben to get his haircut, made a quick run to Walmart for Easter basket items, and headed off to John's work to meet him for lunch. From there I went to the eye doctor and Ben and John went to the park to enjoy the great weather. After the eye doc, I went to my hair appointment. The lady washed, cut, dried and styled my hair in 25 minutes. It was incredible. It usually takes over an hour.
-Saturday John left for Houston and the snow began. Snow is torture when you have a toddler. You feel like a prisoner.
I was able to squeeze in homework here and there, but really do not feel prepared for school to start. I did enjoy my break!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Cousin Abram

Ben's cousin Abram got to come down for a visit after my sister had her baby. I love watching he and Ben interact with each other. They really are friends. They play really well with each other and it almost seems easier to have two. ALMOST. Bath time, eating, and bedtime is double hard. Each day Ben ask at least once a day, "Where's Abram?"

Before and After

John and I decided to grow Ben's hair out, just to see what it looks like long. He has two crowns so if his hair is too short it looks like horns, so we would have to style it spikey daily or risk letting our child look like he has devil horns. The boy, not only has a lot of hair, it also has a lot of body. Its really great hair, but pretty high maintenance (I'll have a girl next who will be bald until she's ten). Friday morning he got up and he looked a little too much like Rod Stewart, so I thought it was time for a trim.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Ben's Quotes for the Week

"Momma, its time to pray to Jesus."

"Mom, I hold baby Jesus."

When our youth minister at church was taking in front of the church, "Mom, its Jesus!"

(He's really on a Jesus kick right now.)

While at Wal-Mart to a complete stranger, "HI! I'M POOPING!" Ben is so articulate it is impossibe to deny what he says.

Now that he has been moved to his big boy bed, he really know how to work his Momma. Each night that I have laid hime down he says, "Mom, one more kiss." "Momma, I need a kiss." "Oh, hug." "One more kiss." This last a few minutes. Seriously how can you turn down a kiss.

Saturday, March 06, 2010

What, I have a blog, two blogs?

Ok, I am horrible about updating and attempting to do two blogs is just crazy. Now I not only get to neglect one blog, I have another to neglect too. So, I quit blog number two.
Benjamin update: He is a spirited little boy with a mouth that never stops. I have never heard someone talk so much. It is like he narrates his every move along with the entire populations every breath. We went to his two year well check up last week, one of my questions for the doctor if there is a way to teach a two year old how to be quiet. I really just want moments of quietness. I love his little personality and do appreciate how well and how much he talks, but seriously, my ears feel like they are bleeding at the end of the day. Oh, what did the doctor say? Nothing. He just laughed.
School update: Its hard, but I love it. We've had about 20 people drop the program so far. They say by the end of the program only half the class graduates. Clinicals are always strange to me. I almost feel like I am just pretending to be a nurse. I passed my Pharmacology/Dosage class with an A. It has been the easiest and I thought it would be the hardest. Still, very glad its over.
My sister had her baby yesterday. It was the smoothest delivery I have ever seen. I've only seen 2 others, but still, it was smooth. She was so small compared to Jenny's boys. She weighed almost 3 lbs less than Jenny's last baby. She looks like a little baby doll. Tons of jet black hair and long. It goes down her neck and over her ears. She has little facial features and beautiful skin. What? Me? A proud aunt? I miss her already.