Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Potty Training, pardon the bathroom talk...

This summer I tried to potty train Ben and it was absolutely horrible. We tried for two days and all I did was clean up urine. My house smelled like a men's bathroom. It was gross. So, I gave up and went back to diapers and was convinced he would never use the potty. My plan was to try again over my Christmas break from school. I dreaded it, lost sleep over it and shed a few tears. We started Thursday evening before his bath. I went about it different in that I had him stand on a stool in front of a the big potty instead of sitting down on the little potty. Bingo. The first night he peed in the potty first try, then continued to go to the bathroom when prompted the remainder of the night. The next morning got up put on his underwear and he had an accident in the morning and one in the afternoon, but that was it. He did refuse to poop in the potty and would wait until I would put on his night time pants (Underjams) to go poop. The next day I had a seminar to go to so my Dad watched Ben. He had one accident there and we had a dinner to attend that night and he had an accident there. Sunday we had Church, no accident. He took his nap at my parents house without night time pants on, no accident. Then we picked up John from the airport, no accident. Monday he started going to the bathroom unprompted. We went to Target and out to eat with no accidents. That night he went poop in the potty without me even asking! He was very excited and had to call both sets of Grandparents. No accidents since Saturday. Today he is at his school, fingers crossed no accidents there!

What worked for Ben:
-Chocolate, I used chocolate chips.
-For pooping his reward was a large piece of chocolate.
-I would ask him if he needed to use the bathroom, if he said no, I didn't make him go. I wanted him to feel like he was in control. (Drove me crazy, I like to be in control.) But usually within 2 minutes of me asking he would go to the bathroom.

Way to go Ben! I love you!

PS-I got him so boxer briefs, too cute!

Thursday, December 02, 2010


I posted the wrond video below. It is Ben clapping for himself. Hopefully the one this is the correct one!

Christmas Program

Last night was Ben's school Christmas Program. I thought he did a great job. During the first song he looked as if he had no idea what was going on. (The picture with his arms crossed). But by his second song at the end of the program he did the hand jestures and sang along. (The video). His teacher gave him a candy cane at the end and it totally made his night, thus the picture with the enormous smile. (I was holding the candy cane hostage until I got a good picture.) Unfortunatley John didn't get to be there due to work. (NFR for the next two weeks). And Grandma and Papa's car broke down on the way there. But he was rooted on by his Grammy, Nana, Peepa and of course Mommy.