Friday, January 23, 2009

First free moment...

I wouldn't even really call this a free moment, I should be studying for Micro or for my final in my CNA class, but its been so long since I have posted, I feel like this is a must!

We found a house, put in an offer and it was excepted! Whew! (that is my sigh of relief) I started to think we would never find a house. It is in a great neighborhood, is 3 bedroom, 2 bath, and 2 car garage. It is on 2 lots, so the yard is huge! The landscaping is wonderful. We have inspections on Wednesday and we should close around February 26. (Mark your calendars, I will be calling for help moving : ) ) Thanks for all the prayers.

Benjamin is growing up so fast. (I realize I didn't do an 11 month blog update for Ben and I feel awful.) He went from being a lump on a log to up on all fours crawling and pulling up on everything. He went from 0 teeth to 5 teeth in about 4 weeks. He still talks constantly. I am not for sure what he is saying, but he does enjoy making noise. The big birthday is coming up and I am so excited.

School is going well. The CNA program is such a great experience. I hope to have time to elaborate in a later blog. Microbiology is hard or I just have a hard teacher. I am already for that class to be over.

I am now feeling guilty for not studying, so sorry for it being so short. I hope everyone is doing well!