Monday, December 28, 2009

New blog..

As promised I started a new blog to record my adventures fo nursing school. The address is

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

I'm horrible...

I am horrible at updating my blog. My life is either really boring and I have nothing to write about or my life is so full and hectic I have no time. I will let you pick which one.
One week down and only one to go until John gets home. I have been attempting to stay busy with house projects and preparing for school. Speaking of school, I am going to start a new blog (since I am so good at keeping up with this one). I am planning on writing about my nursing school expirience. From what I have been told it is emotionally very challenging. I thought writing about the stresses and emotional tolls would be very therapeutic.
Now on to Benjamin. Oh, he is a handful. His humor saves his hinny most of the time. No, he really is a good boy, most of the time. But as John says, "he has a little stink in him." I put him to sleep around 8:30 last night and went to check on him at 9:30. I quietly crept into his room making my way to his crib, I see eyes at eye level with me, then I hear, "Hi Mom." Standing in his bed is little Ben. He is like a vampire, he'd much rather sleep all day and stay up all night. So the second time I put him down for the night, I asked (mistakingly asked, instead of telling) "you ready for bed?" Ben's response, "NO WAY MOMMY!" No way is so much funnier when he says it to John.