Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Semester in Review

Check mark, first semester of nursing school completed. It was hard and rewarding. It was a ton of information that was all very interesting. All of the test were hard. On nursing test all the answers are correct but one is the most correct. An example:
What color is the sky?

A. Blue
B. Sky Blue
C. Blue with white clouds
D. None of the above

The correct answer? You tell me. Other highlights throughout the semester.

-Pharmacology and dosage flew by. I was so nervous about this class. I finished it with a 96%.
-Head to toe examination. This had to be memorized. Do you know the questionare you fill out before seeing a doctor? I basically had to memorize this and be able to physical check each one.
-Clinicals. This was nerve racking for me and by far the hardest. I was actually their nurse. Everything we learned had to be applied.
-Finals. Comprehensive is all I need to say. Passed with a B.

I finished the semester with confidence and am ready for level 2. From what I hear its a booger!