Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Poor Dayton

Sunday Dayton had this spot under his chin, that looked like a scratch. It was no big deal, his cousin Fleck had stayed the night and they played all night. He usually has little remnants left after Fleck leaves, all in good fun. Monday roles around and I go to work and tell Kim about Dayton's little spot on his chin, and she says,well it might be a hot spot so I would go ahead a bring him in. I go home at lunch to get Dayton and eat, and totally disgusted Dayton's neck looks like hamburger meat! I take him to work, they have to sedate him and shave his neck, medicate, and clean it. Apparently, Dayton has really sensitive skin. He had an infection on top of a secondary infection. Last night was a rough one. Dayton was still little out of it, due to the sedation, I put him on the couch, silly me he urinates all over it. After the sedation wears off he doesn't want to lay down because it hurts neck, he didn't want it to touch anything. So the majority of the night was spent with Dayton just standing there staring at me whining. It was awful!

In other news, John and I placed membership at the Sandusky Avenue Christian Church. The other picture is of my new hair cut. John starts his travel season in October. He will be gone 29 days from October to December. Other than that nothing else is really going on. I still have my tires and wheels.

Ok, I can't get any pics to upload, so use your imagination.

Friday, September 15, 2006


I got my haircut today. It is really cute and quite trendy. I have bangs , which I haven't had since elementary school. The lady I went to was awesome...Thanks Jessica. Honestly, one of the best haircuts I ever got.
Ok, I promise I have had more going on than just the haircut. Things for me, emotionally, spiritually, and mentally are really changing. I don't know if I am maturing or if I am just viewing things in a different manner. I am wanting to wait at least a few years before I have children. I am wanting to go back to school. I could barely support myself on what I make now and if, God forbid, anything was to ever happen to John, I would never be able to support a family on what I make. That is where school comes into play. I would like to get into some fast track courses this semester, but I don't know if that is possible.
John and I spent the night in the emergency room with his grandfather. He has pneumonia, to top his dementia and diabetes. The conversations with his grandfather go in circles. He asked in less than two hours, at least 4 times,why we were at the hospital and it always followed with, how would they know if I had pneumonia. I don't want to say its funny, but sometimes you have to find humor in things.
Seeing John take care of his Grandpa makes me appreciate him even more. He makes quite the little nurse.

Everyone please pray that God guides me in the direction he wants me to go and, mainly, that I will listen.

Hope everyone's weekend goes great.


Sunday, September 10, 2006

I'm gonna sing, sing praises....

As of today, Sunday September 9th, I am officially a choir member. I joined the Sandusky Christian Church choir, where Jerome is the choir director. I had no idea how much I missed being a part of a choir and singing until we started singing as a choir. I could fill tears filling my eyes. God brought me to this church, and I couldn't be more thankful.
I hadn't really sang, sang, since college and that was not a very good experience. When I sang today, I somewhat surprised myself. My voice has really matured. I can sing high, I thought I would have a hard time hitting the high notes, but they came out with ease. It was so awesome.
The coolest part to me is that we are doing a Christmas program on December 17th, yes Mom's birthday. Everyone is invited! I hope I get a solo!
Jerome said he wanted to talk to me later about getting some things started, I don't know what he meant, but I am really excited.

I hope everyone is doing well.

Friday, September 08, 2006

He passed!

As you all know Dayton has been going to doggie school. Tuesday night was his "finals". I am by no means prejudice, but he was the absolute best dog there. We had to run through the usual sit, down, stay, wait, heel, loose leash lead, ect. After that we had to do our tricks. None of the other dogs would do there tricks. BUT, Dayton got out there and did two, count 'em two! He shook hands and played dead. I know how impressed you all must be.
In all honesty he did great. The instructor was telling everyone else they should take the manners one class again, but with Dayton they said he picks up on stuff rather quickly and they would recommend the manners two class. IMPRESSIVE!

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Where is their mother?

John and I had quite a busy weekend. Jewel concert Friday night, OU game in Norman Saturday, pick up Dayton from the kennel Sunday, then we decided to meet my parents at the lake.
It was a great weekend, I really enjoyed spending alone time with John. It was also fun meeting my parents at the lake. My sister was out of town, so her two boys, I guess I should say three boys--(Brian was there too), had there first man weekend without mom. It was quite entertaining! Jonathan, Jessica, and their 3 children were out there too. I love to watch them play together. Poor Jennah is the only girl. She did teach me that turkey is not a good smell and apparently all the sweaty boys smelled like turkey. You never have to wonder what she is thinking!
This weekend will be much slower. I have to work and John is going to the OU game. His seat is on the 50 yard line and he thinks he is getting sideline passes.

Hope everyone is having a great week.

Jessica, since you check my blog 3 times daily--who does your hair again?