Tuesday, November 30, 2010

-School is almost over for the semester, just a midciricular exam and my final. Hardest semester of my life. The reward, this time next year I will be a Registered Nurse.

-Ben had pnemonia. Poor guy. Luckily he wasn't hospitalized and I was able to use my nursing skills on him. To be diagnosed he had to have blood work drawn and have a chest x-ray. He was incredibley good for both. When they stuck him with the need he looked at her and said "THAT HURT!" During the x-ray the tech said he was the best two year old that she has ever given an xray. Yes, I am bragging. We go back Thursday for a follow up. I'm curious how he will be now that he is feeling better.

-Thanksgiving was good. My favorite part was black friday shopping with my sisters. Although I did complain a lot and at one point I think I may have cried.

-Next semester is labor and delivery and pediatrics. I am so excited!

-John is at the NFR for the next two weeks. Each year it is the longest two weeks.

-I started running in May. I began with a 20 minute mile and now I am to an 8.5 minute mile. Not an olympic time, but I still feel proud. Bonus, I've lost 22 pounds and have gone down 2 sizes.

-This summer I plan on starting to work as a nurse extern. Pray for me that an outstanding oppurtunity comes up.

-I love Christmas shopping!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Homeless Shelter

For my last 2 weeks of clinical we were at the homeless shelter. I don't think I will ever be able to express all the emotions I had or still have. I am not naive enough to say I didn't know there were homeless people, but that is how I always saw them, homeless people. These were just people. There were Mom's with children, vets in wheelchairs, so much mental illness it broke my heart, little old ladies, babies. It is so easy to stereotype someone into a box that makes it ok for us to neglect them.
On a posiitve note I absolutely love the group I worked with. I would love to work with any one of them in the hospital.

Ben's little sayings...

I've got to start writing these down before I forget them.

-Dayton ate his food too fast and threw it all up. Ben says, "I guess he didn't like it."

-Me, "What do you want for Christmas?" Ben, "a present." Me, "What kind?" Ben, "Papa in a present."

-After he throws up, "Yes!! I got it all up!"

-"I loves you."

-Abram and Ben talking. Ben, "Are you kidding me?" "Are you kidding me?" Are you kidding me?" Abram, "I AM NOT KIDDING YOU!" (Ben had a tendency to repeat himself.

Ben, "But I like to hit."

During his first football game, "You get to push?"