Monday, April 20, 2009


I really enjoy my drives to class every Tuesday and Thursday. It is about 30 minutes of uninterrupted thought. Last Wednesday I couldn't sleep so I watched "18 Kids and Counting". It was about the Christian Film Festival in Texas. They go to support Christian movies and shows. They rarely ever watch secular television. I went to sleep and that was the end of that, until Thursday during my 30 minutes of uninterrupted thoughts. I was getting science minded for my class and I thought I want to do an experiment to see how giving up television for one month would effect me. (And a hush goes over the crowd...really? a whole month?) Some of things I would like to monitor are, my anxiety level, my body image, and overall mood. Upon coming home I told John about my plan and honestly, not much was said. That night we decided we were going to watch the new show SouthLand. Anyone seen it? They use every single cuss word in the book. The f-word, get my point and its on NBC. Yes, they do bleep out the curse words, but seriously, you know exactly what they are saying. This must be a sign from God, right? I think about it in passing throughout the weekend, mention it to my Mom.."really? a whole month? that will be really hard.", then Sunday roles around. What is small group about? The effects of television. Are you kidding me? So, its done. Starting May 1, no television. With one stipulation, I can watch G or PG movies. When John is gone the evenings are really quiet and kind of scary. TV is usually my company on these nights.
Alright wish me luck. I have like 8 days to soak in as much TV as possible. Just kidding. Maybe.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Friday, April 10, 2009


Benjamin caught getting into Dayton's water.

"I swear Mommy, it wasn't me. It must have been Dayton."