Saturday, February 23, 2008

True Blue Momma

Benjamin urinated on me and I was too tired to change my shirt. I slept in it and didn't think twice about it. I guess that makes me a true blue momma. I hope you enjoy the pictures.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Memories and Odd Facts

As you all know Benjamin is in the hospital. He will hopefully be going home Thursday or Friday. So, while I wait I thought I would complete the tag from Jessica and combine it with Shelly's blog on memories.

Odd Facts:

1. I look at John's ears and cannot keep from touching and picking at them. I know it drives him crazy and I really do try to keep from doing it, but I can't. I also pick at my own ears until they bleed.

2. When I am in a drive thru I must keep plenty of space between the car in front out me and my car, just in case someone try to car jack me. I also have the same rule for the intersection at Harvard and I-44.

3. When I practice singing I use a hair brush as a microphone.

4.I am a people pleaser, who does not like to please people.

5. What atracted me to John was his akwardness and the fact that he was not suave. He swept me off my feet by being John.

Favorite Memories

1. Lake Eufala, everything about it. Playing with "little people" in the creek, sleeping in the pop-up with no AC, playing 21-31, my favorite memory of Eufala was seeing my dad so happy.

2. Going to Grandma and Papa's with my brother and sister and my cousins, laying in the bed scratching each other's backs and then switching sides, then Grandma coming in the room telling us to be quiet and go to sleep.

3. Friday nights with my Mom and Dad, Star Trek and steaks.

4. Telling John I was pregnant.

5. Seeing John's face the first time he saw Benjamin.

Well, now I am getting teary eyed, so I better stop there.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Benjamin's Birthday

I was put into the hospital due to high blood pressure on Monday. The doctor decided to induce. They put gel on my cervix to soften it. I began having contractions and cramps, totally unexpected. I thought they would put the gel in, I would take a sleeping pill, and begin the petocin drip at 5 am. Wrong, I went into active labor, with constant, no break contractions. They took the "gel" pill out 2 hours later, and the contractions continued all night. I finally fell asleep around 3:30-4:00 and was awoken at 5 am for the petocin. Let real labor begin! I was dialated to a two and at 8 am they broke my water...weird stuff. I was a three, with good strong contractions. I requested my epidural, or as I llike to call it a God sent special sauce. The actual epidural was nothing, so any preggers who are nervous about that, don't be seriously. I barely even felt it. So around 11am, they check and I am only a 4...are you kidding me? So hurry up and wait, issues with the epidural, only took on one side issue resolved, so quickly. Its like the anestheseologist has wings. Ok, so around 1 pm, dialated to a 7...good stuff, moving right along, then I realized I am scared to death. I need my mom. Mom comes, calms me down...moms are so good at that. They come in about an hour later..I am a ten, and ready to push. After a few fearful tears, I go into Go Mode. John assumes his position as coach. He was so funny and so cute. He is very, very queazy around blood and we had decided he would just keep eye contact with me and not cut the cord. He changed his mind. I was in Go Mode, he was in Dad Mode. Here is his coaching style, " 1, 2, 3, ....9, 10, again, you can do this Amy, and 1, 2, 3....9, 10 and one more time..." I started laughing at one point, he was straining his voice and I realized he was pushing along with me. In the meantime, John has decided he will be cutting the cord and he will watch. So he saw little Benjamin's head come out, John's face was breathtaking and the tears rolling down his face were priceless. Delivery complete, Benj had swallowed amniotic fluid so I didn't get to hold him for 45 minutes, which was really hard, but necessary. I nursed immediatley he look at me immediatley, and I fell instantly head over heels in love with him. Benjamin was worth every ache and pain, sleepless nights, hemrroids, etc. So everything is well in the household. I am currently going on about 3 hours of sleep in the last 3-4 days combined, so excuse the gramatical errors.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Longest Month of My LIFE

and its only the sixth. I consider myself a patient person, but come on. I love how all the books say the baby will make smaller movements because they are runnig out of room, apparently Benjamin did not read these books. My dad always said I was like a bull in a china cabinet. I belive my son is taking after his mommy. Unfortunatly for my uterus it is the china cabinet and my son is a giant bull. (He will probably only be six pounds and 18 inches long, but let me tell you, he feels huge to me.) He has officially droped per the doctor, her words exactly..."OH! His head it just right there." I could have told you that without the pelvic exam. My bladder has been announcing it with a bull horn.
Well, I guess let the waiting game continue, I don't really have much say so anways!