Wednesday, July 28, 2010

3 weeks until school starts. Summer flew by. I've been working on my summer homework for the past month. Its hard. Memorizing lab values, coming up with nursing diagnosis with symptoms listed, and knowing the consequences of low or high lab values. This semester they call the meat and potatoes, its going to be tough. (Not that last semester was easy!) To top is off my schedule will change 6 weeks, 6 weeks, 2 weeks, 2 weeks with different hours during clinicals, ranging from 0630-1530 to 1300-2300. I am a planner so this change is close to overwhelming. But I know the stress will be worth it ten fold. I can do this.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Get-away...don't even call it a vacation!

Wednesday: Met Jenny and the kids at the zoo. HOT! Ben didn't want to walk. Two sweaty bodies stuck together, had to rent a wagon.

Thursday: Ate breakfast with John, went to Wal-mart to get snacks for the hotel. John went to work, we went to Jenny's.

Friday: Ate breakfast at the hotel, then went to Chuck E. Cheeses. Had a blast. Ben loved it. Plenty of purel. John went to work, Ben and I went back to hotel, he took a 3 hour nap. Headed to Jenny's for dinner.

Saturday: John left at 7:00am and been woke up at 7:00am, ate breakfast at the hotel, went swimming at the hotel for 2 hours, then went out to eat. Ben scrapped his knee on the way to the car. Got to restaurant, Ben spilled his lemonade in open scrape. Very short lunch. Back to hotel for Ben's nap. Woke up went to Jenny's to stay the night and watch her kids so she and Brian could got on a date. All kids good and still alive.

Sunday: Burned out ready to go home. Realize I forgot pants for Church. My wonderful husband brings me ironed! pants. Nice! Went to Church, saw my sister throw a fit. Hilarious. Ate pizza (its Sunday people) and drove home. Awwwww, sweet home, even at 85 degrees.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Ben's first baseball game

We went to a Drillers game July 2 and we had a blast! We started at Spaghetti Warehouse, then walked to the ball park. (FYI: if you eat at Spaghetti Warehouse before the game you can park there free during the game.) The weather was absolutely spectacular. Ben lasted about 4 innings wathcing the game, then he and I walked around the park for two innings. This wore him out just enough to make it through the rest of the game. Then it started raining. Our seats were just far enough up that the balcony above us sheltered us from the rain. In the rain they shot off about 15 minutes worth of enormous fireworks.
At least once a week Benjamin ask, "we going to a baseball game?"

Monday, July 12, 2010

You are my SUNCHINE!

Here is Ben's translation of You are my Sunshine:

You are my sunchine, you make me happy when skies are gaway.
You neber know dee-yar, how much I nuv you.
Please don't take my Benjamin under way.

I use to sing Ben this song before he was born. It is so sweet to hear him sing it know.