Thursday, July 17, 2008

Pinching Pennies

We have NO cable. And yes, this was our decision. In order for me to stay home with Ben we have had to trim the fat, cable being a big chunk of fat. We changed our internet service (to a slower service, we really can't tell a difference though), telephone server, and of course cable. We were paying $130 plus for these services, now we pay around $60. John and I have yet to drive each other crazy without cable, so I think it was a good decision. I have also changed some of my shopping habits. I no longer buy bottled water or pop (saved about $25 a month), no ziploc bags (we use reusable tupperware, not much of a savings though), I go to three different grocery stores to get the best deals and spend an average of 3 hours a week looking at grocery ads, cutting coupons, and finding internet coupons. I saved about $40 in coupons last shopping trip. I don't use lights during the day, I just open the blinds. We don't eat out. Well, we occasionally do. I've eaten at a restaurant maybe 3 times since Benjamin was born and I eat fast food maybe once every other week. I have also started cleaning houses, two houses. There is just something humbling about cleaning someone else's toilet. It puts gas in my car though!
I'm curious. How does everyone else save money?


jessica said...

We have a weekly budget of $200 that we live on. That includes gas for both of us, groceries, and anything else we need or want. Meal planning has really help us save on groceries. Also, about one week out of the month I go through the cabinets and meal plan for that week with what we already have on hand.

I'm glad you are making the sacrifices to stay home with Benjamin. It can be hard but I have never regreted staying home with our kids.

Would you ever want to give Jennah voice lessons still? That could give you a little more money. Let me know.

(sorry so long)

John & Amy said...

I would love to give Jennah voice lessons. The week of eating what is on hand is a really good idea.

Marla said...

One of our biggest money savers is keeping the thermostat adjusted...
Summer - 78*
Winter - 69*
It really is just a matter of what you get used to, at least for us.
Good Luck,
Marla said...

We just canceled cable too, so I wanted to pass along a few tips.

Since you still have internet service, you can watch lots of shows for free at Also, and have full length kids shows for free.

We started using free digital tv instead of cable and found the reception to be better than our old cable signal. After getting a coupon from the government, you can pickup a digital converter box for about $9 at WalMart.

We've been encouraging our friends to do the same and are blogging about our experience at

Anonymous said...

Hi its Trista. I love reading your blogs and Benjamin is adorable. You and John are truly blessed. I just wanted to let you know that I may have several people looking for a house cleaner so give me your email address if interested. You can email me at :-)

Congrats on being a stay at home mommy. Thats my dream!!

Jennifer said...

Amy I am very encourage at your will power to do what you have to do in order to be there for Ben. It is hard to give up what you have, but I feel you will be blessed beyond what we can comprehend.

In saying that, I know I am not like you or have the kind of will power you have. Not sure were I got my spending habits from, but I look to make the money to get what I am wanting. I like going to resale shops for clothes, buying at garage sales and then even resaling those things for 100% more than way I paid for them at the Just Between Friends sale twice a year.

With the huge increase in gas and food prices it is becoming harder, but I would do whatever I had to in order to stay home with the boys. Funny I say that because I never thought I would be a SAHM and now I can't imagine not!

Thanks for the eye opening post.