Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Labrador Mauls Baby

TULSA, Okla. (AP) _ Police say a puppy has attacked and killed a 2-month-old boy who was left unattended in a swing.
Officer Jason Willingham said Monday the baby was mauled by the Labrador at the boy's home and died at the scene. He says the dog will most likely be destroyed.
Authorities have not yet released the infant's name.
Willingham says the baby's mother and grandmother were home, but nobody was in the room at the time.
Police are unsure why the dog attacked.
The child's body was taken to the Medical Examiner's office. Willingham says police will forward their investigation to the district attorney to determine whether criminal charges are warranted.

When I heard this on the news yesterday I was sickened. My immediate reaction was what is wrong with that dog! After doing some reading my reaction changed. What is wrong with the parents? The puppy was only 3-4 months old. Anyone who has had a labrador, or any puppy knows they chew on everything! My sweet Dayton chewed all the siding off the back of our house. Thats just what Labs do, they chew. From the news last night, it looked as if there home was an apartment. How could they not hear that baby screaming? It seems really fishy to me. I do feel sorry for the mom. We all make stupid decisions, must of us do not lose a child because of it. I wouldn't be surprised if they charged the mother will neglect. It is just a horrible situation. I am curious the outcome. Anyways, I thought I would share this story in case you missed it on the news last night.


Anonymous said...

Grandma told me about it and I was like you. What really happened. One, labadors aren't violent dogs, and two, a baby being mauled has got to be making noise. Let me know if you hear anything else.


jessica said...

So sad.

When is Ben coming over and letting his parents have a date night?