Saturday, July 12, 2008

The Blue Hole

Today John, Benjamin and I went on a little road trip. We went to Salina, Oklahoma to the Blue Hole Park. I was surfing the internet one night and came across a website dedicated to "blue holes" in the United States. There are three in Oklahoma, the one in Salina being the closest to us. I was so excited and shared the exciting news with Jenny. She rained on my excitement and told me we had been there before when I was little. Oh well, so it won't be my first time, but I don't remember the first time. I pack enough to stay a few weeks, but with a baby you CAN'T forget anything. We leave around 9:30AM. The drive is beautiful. We come to Salina and turn on to a side street. The Blue Hole is only 7 miles away. Seven miles is a long way when it is a curvy, curvy road. Five miles in, it hits me. I didn't pack a bottle. What kind of mother am I? We turn around once we get there and drive back to Salina to the teeniest, tiniest grocery store. They don't have regular bottles. I end up with a sippie training cup. Benjamin doesn't seem to mind, he is just thankful for the milk. When I say this place in is the middle of nowhere, nowhere is an understatement. It was beautiful and shocking that there is water this clear in Oklahoma. You can see the bottom, no matter how deep it is. The water is about 50 degrees, no lie. It will put hair on your chest. There really isn't any sand, but there is rock beaches. Shoes are a must on our next trip and a tube or air matress. Our day was cut short by thunderstorms, but overall, it was a fun day. The park is family oriented, no alcohol allowed, no pets (although, I saw quite a few), there is a concession stand, its $5 for the day or $10 to stay the night, there are a few cabins (more like sheds with air conditioners), it wasn't too crowded, and there was some good people watching (I believe I have seen most of these people at the Fair).


Jennifer said...

I think Mom has some of those EXACT same pictures;)

I remember how COLD the water was and all the moss on the rocks that made it all very slippery.

Glad you had a good day even though you 'pulled a mom' by forgetting a bottle.

Jim said...

You don't happen to remember the website you visited about blue holes across the you? I've taken a few minutes to try to find what you may have come across... but can't find it.


Sarah T. said...

The Boyfriend and I are going to try to find the Blue Hole tomorrow. Is it hard to find? All we can find online is to go to Salina and take Kenwood Road 7 miles and it's "to the south." Any pointers on how to get there? Are there any signs leading the way? Oh I hope so, I can't wait!