Thursday, June 07, 2007

Work, School, and Travel

Someone, no names...Lita, gave me a gentle reminder that maybe its time to write a new blog.

Summer school started Monday and I must say this go around I think I will like Biology. This teacher is so interesting and overall just a cool guy. There is no comparison between he and the she devil I attempted to take it from last semester. I had no idea a teacher could have such an impact on a class. I thought Biology was Biology and all teachers want you to succeed. I was wrong. The books are even different! Which is somewhat bad, I had to buy two new books, which I was not expecting to spend $200 more. I tried to sell back my last book back and they do not need anymore. So if anyone needs a Biology book from hell, just let me know. I believe an A in this class is feesible, which is very exciting!

Work is going well. At first it was very stressful and I was concerned if I had made the right decision. Everything is coming together now, and is making sense now. I only thought my other jobs were fast paced. I had no idea! I am glad I took medical terminology last semester, if not I would be hurtin'. The twelve hour shifts are becoming not as shocking to my body. I actually like the twelve hours now.

John's 10 year reunion was last weekend. He really enjoyed it and was thankful I forced him to go. For me it was funny to see how some people had changed physically and others looked exactly the same, clothes and all.

John had been gone basically the whole month of May and is gone this week and every weekend untl my birthday, so its been a lonely month. John and I's one year anniversary is coming up quickly, I can't believe is has already been a year!

I hope everyone is doing well, I will try to blog more!


court + jen said...

hi amy. it's jenny downey (now collier). i have a family blog as well. shoot me an email to and i'll send you an invite.

Mom said...

Finally a new update! Are you going to the family picnic tomorrow?


Lita said...

You're a good listener and very obedient. Thanks for posting an update. I'll pray that your Biology class will be a piece of cake.