Monday, June 11, 2007


First, John is home. Yeah! This week seemed extrmeley long for both of us. He is home until Saturday, but will be back Monday. He is growing out a mustache for his "Guys Weekend" in July. There theme is mustaches. Gotta love John's friends. I enrolled for the fall semester this weekend. My schedule consists of Anatomy, Chemistry, and Sociology. This is 11 hours, so I need one more class to be considered full time. I would like to take an easy relaxing class, possibley a Phys Ed class.
The summer semester is going well. I have my first test Wednesday, and I feel fairly confident about it.

I know short, and sweet, but at least I am updating more frequently!

I hope everyone is doing well!


Anonymous said...

And you made the honor roll!!!!!

love you

Mom said...

I love that picture of you all. I'm glad grandma took it.