Sunday, June 24, 2007

My Birthday Weekend

My birthday weekend began Friday evening after work. (I pushed for birthday week and month, but John wasn't having it this year.) We went to Carrabas (sp?), one of my favorite restaurants. I always get the same thing, Chicken Bryan and John got the Veal. I had eaten about three-fouths of the chicken and the last bite I had taken just didn't taste right. I looked down and saw raw chicken. I immediately felt nauseas. All I could think of is I am going to get salmanila (sp?) poisoning on my birthday. I was hesitant to tell the waiter, but I did. I believe he was more upset than me. Our dinner was paid for and my stomach didn't get too upset.
Saturday morning I slept in and John went to work early for a few hours and got his hair cut. For my birthyday present John took me shopping. I was hesitant to accept. John is generally not that fun to go shopping with. He acts like we are on a serious mission. He has a go and conquer attitude. I like to walk around, people watch, and go in every store. He lasted for four hours! I was very impressed. He hardly complained at all. We went to Outback for dinner (I promise we usually never eat out, but I just couldn't cook on my birthday weekend!) and went to the movies afterwards. We saw Knocked Up. Funny, funny movie. The language was awful, it took away from the movie. It could have made a sailor blush. Despite that, I don't think I have ever laughed that hard at a movie.
Sunday we went to church, then met my parents, grandparents, Lita, and Blake, Shelly, and Wilder at Mazzios. Grandma made me a cobbler with EXTRA crust, my favorite. It was delicious. I went to Garden Ridge when we got home (I let John sit out on this one) and got a few more frames. We had hamburgers with home grown tomatoes, onions, and corn for dinner.
It has been a great birthday. I never realize how much I miss John when he gone until I get to spend an entire day with him. I am a lucky lady.
Thank you for giving me a special Birthday.


court + jen said...

that's one thing i'm VERY excited about in moving back home -- carrabba's. but your story freaked me out a bit. raw chicken? eek!

happy birthday. oh, and birthdays should always last a full week (maybe two). :)

Mom said...

What a great birth day. I'm glad John was home.