Monday, April 30, 2007

What's Going On

Here are a few updates since I last blogged.

I got a new job. I will be working at the ICCU at St Johns as a Unit Clerk. I am really excited and think I will learn a lot before entering the nursing program.

I took my last two finals today. I had the 2nd highest test score in Psychology and think I did pretty well in my government class. In Medical Terminology I got an 88% and I am still waiting for my results in my english class.

John is in Kentucky until next Sunday for the Kentucky Derby. The one year I deicide not to go and the Queen of England will be there.

John and I have planned our summer vacation. We are going to Lido Beach Resort in Florida. It is a little island off of Sarasota. I am so excited! We were able to fly free with John's frequent flyer miles and get a free rental car through John's work. We are going July 30 thru Aug 4.

I start summer school June 4, so I have the month of May off school.

Dayton is doing great, you would think he was born with only 3 legs. We went to the lake last weekend and he went straight to the water and swam and not in circles how John had anticipated.

That is all I know for now! Talk to you all soon!


Anonymous said...

Amy, you are doing so great. And we're so jealous over your vacation plans! You guys will have a ball!
Love you,
Papa and Grandma

Lita said...

Amy, it's now JUNE. Time for a new update.