Saturday, January 13, 2007

This, that, and more...

My first day back to school was Monday. The week went well. My schedule is now, Biology for Majors, Developmental Psychology, Medical Terminology, and American Government. Government I took the first go around but got a C, due to never going to class. I actually am not sure how I even got a C in that class. To get into the nursing program they go on a point system, similar to the GPA system, better grades, more points, better chance to get into the program. I applied for a summer program to become a Patient Care Technician, PCT. It is a 6 credit course, necessary for the nursing program. I could start working in an office setting or hospital after I pass the class. A PCT is similar to a Medical Assistant, MA. It will be more hands on, so I am very excited. John keeps telling me how proud he is of me, which encourages me to do my absolute best. We are definitely having to make sacrifices now, but I hope we will both reap in our hard work later.

So, it is freaking cold outside and I am iced in once again by myself. John is in Minnesota TDing Snow Cross. He will hopefully be flying in Monday, depending on the airports, he unfortunately has to fly through Chicago on his way home. I was telling him how cold it was here and I guess he had to one up me, it was -8 there this morning. He said he has four layers on, I packed him and wasn't anticipating it be that cold, so four layers is all I packed, guess he will just have to switch the outer layer.

My eating and work out lifestyle change, (I refuse to call it a diet), started a week ago last Wednesday. I've been doing 40 minutes of cardio, stopped drinking pop, no eating out, no mayo (my absolute favorite), and started eating more times throughout the day, and smaller portions, and I am proud to say, have dropped 5 pounds. I am sure the rest I need to lose won't come off so easily, but it was a very exciting start. John's ten year reunion is this year, so I must be in tip top shape.

Sorry my blog is so boring, I think I have the ice blues, waiting patiently for my husband to get home.

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