Monday, January 29, 2007


Well, I got my first test result back today from psychology; I got an 88%. I must say, not too shabby for my first test in almost 4 years. I took my first test in Medical Terminolgy today and it went quite well. I was the first one finished, which is unusual. John had quizzed me on my flash cards and I guess it all stuck. It was such a great feeling, leaving the room with my head held high, knowing I had done well on the test. I should get my results back Wednesday.
I wish I could say Biology is going as well as my other classes, but its not. Luckily, Ashley Roberts has offered to help me out , she was a Biology Major. Keep sending the prayers this way, the verse, "All things are possible through Jesus Christ, keeps running through my head. I am not for sure if God intended this verse to apply to my Biology class, but he did say,"all".
Spring choir started this last Sunday, is was an awesome reminder that I may not be gifted in Science, but he blessed me vocally. We will have an Easter program, around Easter (obviously). I will let everyone know the exact dates later.
I will be hosting an Arbonne Party for Lita on February 10th, and everyone is invited. If you would like to come just let me know.
I hope everything is going well for everyone!!!

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Anonymous said...

Great grades! Proud of you. I had to take Medical Terminology when I worked at the hospital - long ago! Hang in there.
Love you, Grandma