Wednesday, May 27, 2009


I've noticed when people haven't blogged for a while they always title the post "update". So, in following others steps, I title this, "Update". Because I am tired and do not want to forget anything I will do this blog bulleted style.

-School is out (and has been for awhile). I made a B in Microbiology and was somewhat disappointed, I really thought I was going to be able to pull off an A. I am through with all of my prerequisites and am now just waiting to be accepted to a nursing program. ( I guess I should apply, or I could be waiting forever.)

-I've been thinking about going to work part-time in the fall as a CNA, just to get my foot in the door, and to keep my skills up. So far, just a thought.

-Ben is still the cutest little boy. He is so funny. And very ornery. Very. He walks every where now, no crawling. Can I start potty training yet? New words--blankie, nigh-nigh!, Papa, keys, kisses, juice.

-They are doing major lay-offs at John's work, so that has really been on our minds.

-Oh, I saved $80 on groceries last week, my personal best.

I really thought I would have more than 5 bullets, now I feel somewhat silly for using it, oh well.


jessica said...

Wow! I can't believe you saved that much money!

Lita said...

I have started playing the coupon game. I think we should see who can save the most. Last week I saved almost $9.00. I thought that was good til I read your post!