Friday, May 08, 2009

The Hair Catastrophe of '09

Last night while laying on the couch I found a small round brush. Apparently I was bored so I began twirling it in my hair. Until it got stuck. On the side you may ask? Or perhaps the back. No. Right in front. For thirty minutes I tried untwisting. I then added conditioner to the mix of things, then lotion to no avail. By this point my head was gushing blood from me trying to yank the brush out of my hair. Ok, maybe it wasn't gushing or bleeding at all, but it did hurt. I am pretty sure it is bruised today. While greasing my hair and considering putting mayo in my hair (then realizing I think that is when you get gum in your hair), a little pair of scissors catch my eye. I am desperate. I can feel panic over taking me. Or maybe it is anger due to my husbands uncontrollable laughter. Whatever then reason, I grab the scissors. I try to salvage as much hair as possible. It started at about a centimeter and I was able to get it to an inch. So instead of a burr in front, I have spikes. Go ahead get a good chuckle at my expense, my husband did or does, every time he sees me he starts laughing.


Anonymous said...
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Shelly Collins said...

Oh Amy. Thanks for the laugh. I was laughing out loud to the point that I had to show my mind? It is pretty funny.

Jennifer said...

Are you serious?! I will now be calling you Janet :)