Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Failed...failed miserably.

Television is just way too tempting. Or maybe it was the weather. Perhaps it was my husband sitting on the couch watching TV and asking, "Hey, Amy, you want to watch this?" (He never asked this before I stopped watching.) I lasted from Thursday to Monday at 7:00 PM. Maybe somewhere that is considered a month. John told me not to consider it a failure, but a lesson learned. I must concur. Perhaps just monitoring what I watch would be a much more attainable goal for me. The television is not on during the day, except for Sesame Street. I had the bad habit of not actually watching TV, but keeping it on. And, I am not going to watch R rated movies and really monitor what types of TV shows I am watching. I really believe what goes in, must come out.
Finals are today, so what am I doing? Writing a blog. Should be studying, but I am not. Thats all, go ahead, snicker about my television defeat. I really should watch writing a blog that millions read (there is about a million of you..right?) about trying something new, especially, if there is a possibility of failure.


Anonymous said...

I don't see it as a failure but a lesson learned! (you did learn a lesson, right?) Ha! Just cutting back and monitoring what you are watching is good.

Love you,

Jennifer said...

Does is make you feel better if I told you I was trying to eat right and it lasted less than 24 hours? I blame it on the weather, Brian being home and a sick baby. At least you lasted long than I did :) PLUS . . . there are some good shows on right now !!

Monitoring what you watch is a good starting point.

Good luck on your finals!!!!

Lita said...

Wow, FOUR days without TV. I'm impressed. Better than I could do. And I'm sure you have at least a million blog followers.

Shelly Collins said...

I've learned that little goals are much easier than big ones! I'm still impressed!