Thursday, February 26, 2009

Dear Benjamin,

You are now my big one year old! You have enough personality and pazazz to fill a grown man's shoes. You know exactly what you want and when you want it and you will tell anyone who will listen. Stranger, spanger, if someone has food or something you may like, they are your new friend. We really need to work on this. You love people. I love to watch you interact with different people. You know exactly what you can get away with, with each different person. Papa Joe won't dare walk by if you give him a few alligator tears. Grandma wont let her poor grandson just sit in the kitchen with nothing to do, lets open the dishwasher so he can take everything out. Oh, No! You are already bored, let me carry you around while I vacuum. Grammy won't dare put you to sleep if you cry. The real water works come out then. You have everyone marching to your drum! You are very affectionate like your Daddy. Although you do have a little stinker in you. You gave me a big open mouth kiss on my cheek and then I could feel your little chompers trying to dig in. I was able to pull away just in time. You gave me a little ornery grin, like, "What Mama? I was just kissing you." You have a new friend at Church. I must say, this melts my heart. I could watch you and Brock interact all day long. Keep Christian friends Benjamin. You can be each others support.
Mama sees you doing great things with your life Benjamin. Always keep your eyes on God and I know he will lead you to greatness. You are special. You, my Sunshine, will always be special to me.

I will love you always,



Jennifer said...

*tear* what a sweet little ONE year old!

Shelly Collins said...

ok, you don't have to brag that you have probably the cutest baby EVER by posting a huge photo of him. ahem. just kidding, i love it.

also, thanks for the reminder about the Thimerasol. I asked my doctor this week just to make sure they didn't have any vaccines with it.

So when are you having a house warming party :)