Monday, August 11, 2008

The ABC's of things I am grateful for

I have been down and stressed, so I have decided to focus on my blessings.

A. Animals
B. Baby boy Benjamin
C. Chicken Casseroles
D. Dark Chocolate
E. Easter Eggs. I really love coloring easter eggs. I can't wait to hide them for my children.
F. Family
G. God
H. My hair, its thick and shiny.
I. Ice, I love lots of ice in my drinks.
J. John
K. Kisses
L. Love
M. Music
N. My Nieces and Nephews
O. The opportunity to go back to school
P. Pepsi. The sweet nectar of the gods.
Q. Quiet time, ahhhhhh quiet time.
R. Rafts. I love laying on a raft in water.
S. Sugar. I dig it.
T. Television.
U. Umbrellas
V. My Voice
W. Washing Machines. Could you imagine washing everything by hand?
X. X-tra kisses.
Y. You. I am grateful for every person in my life.
Z. Zebra print. I really like animal print, even if it is out of style.

Hmmm, I do feel better.

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Anonymous said...

Such cute pictures of Benjamin. Is your list in priority order?! Ha!