Thursday, May 15, 2008


Benjamin has had diarrhea since Monday and has slept horribly. I am tired. I get home today, walk in the house and it smells like something has died. I go into Ben's room and see doggie diarrhea on the floor. Dayton has not had an accident in over 2 and half years. He is a hundred pound dog and has quite the output. Back to Ben, he is gassy and it interrupts his naps. I switched formula, which to be honest wasn't thrilled to do. The main ingredient in this formula is corn syrup, but it did seem to make a difference, but now it seems everything is back the same. I would prefer to go back to exclusively breast feeding, but I am scared he will stop gaining weight, plus its nice to have some freedom. I am calling the doctor tomorrow for some words of advise.
Ben really is a good, happy little boy. He does cry and fuss quite a bit, but I would too if I was that gassy and wasn't getting enough sleep. To top it off he spits up all the time and large quantities. It's projectile. I am frustrated, not at him, but just the situation. My poor baby boy seems to have one issue after another. I want to be a super mom and swoop in and fix everything, unfortunately I can't find my cape. Any advise is appreciated, prayers are appreciated even more.


jessica said...

So sorry, you two are in our prayers.

Shelly Collins said...

I may be way off base here, have you heard of probiotics? Opposite of antibiotics...the good stuff that's in yogurt that helps the digestive system. Might be worth reading up on and asking about. (common among people in the natural parenting school of thought - don't know what your doc will say) They make them for babies in powder form. (at Wild Oats) My friend used it for her baby who had some problems. Just an idea, don't know if it's the right thing for his problem or not...but prayers, yes!

Blair Family said...

Both of my kids had big problems with spitting up ALOT. I was always embrassed for people to hold them because they would alway spit all over them. Our Dr. had us but some rice ceral in his formul to make it thicker and it helped it stay down better. He still would spit up but it was less. With Ben I put it in the breastmilk that I would pump. Might ask your dr. what he thinks:)