Tuesday, May 13, 2008

3 Months

I can not believe that Benjamin is already 3 months old. Everyday he changes. He slept through the night for the first time on Friday, then Saturday, then Sunday, THEN Monday he woke up every 3 hours. At least I got three good nights. He talks all the time, ALL the time. When he is not talking, he is fussing or crying. His vocal cords stay warm all day long. He is quite social, a flirt..he loves the ladies.
His likes: Bath time, his hippo, Elmo, his mobile, to talk to Mommy and Daddy actually, anyone that will listen and most importantly respond, eating, his changing table, laying in bed with Mommy in the morning.
Dislikes: Being ignored, riding in the car (sometimes), nap time, being startled, stopping in the middle of feedings.


Jennifer said...

That first picture is absoultely adorable! You take good pictures. I would love to have a copy of it. They have started to put the posts in for my fence today;)

Anonymous said...

I agree with Jennifer. That first one is my favorite. I will try to print it out. I can't believe he is three months!