Thursday, May 22, 2008

Family Reunion

My favorite outings growing up were going to family reunions at the lake. I know, I know, I must have been one deprived child. I have so many fond memories of camping. Sitting by the camp fire hearing stories, getting hit in the face with a frying pan by my uncle, watching my dad and uncle running with an aluminum boat over their heads during a lightning storm, being attacked by fire ants and running down the hill yelling for help and my brother just laughing, fist fights, being stuck in the pop up listening to books on tapes while the adults were obviously having a much better time outside, almost drowning in our camper, almost being punched in the face by my dad while sleep walking...
I could go on for hours. I want my son to have fond memories of camping too. Our family is getting bigger it seems by the minute and I think it is time to start our own family reunion. What?!? Why, you may ask, we see each other all the time. And yes, we do have family get togethers, but no over nighters and THAT is when you create lasting memories. When? Where? Those questions I do not have the answer to and would like to hear some input. Of course we would need a family, kid friendly place to go, preferably not too far away or too close. Of course it should be during the summer. So, comment away.


Jennifer said...

Well we do have the Labor Day festivities at Keystone, where have you been? Let's start something over the July 4th weekend, that would be fun at the lake. Keystone or Turner Falls or something. I don't know. I feel like I see to much of some of you;)

Anonymous said...

How about something close by, with an organized meal (set time) that everyone is aware of and included! An overnight is probably not realistic for everyone at this point, but a day would probably work.