Saturday, February 23, 2008

True Blue Momma

Benjamin urinated on me and I was too tired to change my shirt. I slept in it and didn't think twice about it. I guess that makes me a true blue momma. I hope you enjoy the pictures.


Jennifer said...

FINALLY new pictures! I can't believe how much his face has changed. PLEASE come visit me! I will guarantee you 12 hours of uninterrupted sleep;)

Anonymous said...

Love the pictures - adorable! He's so wide awake in the second one; big, dark eyes! So happy he is home.
Love you, Papa and Grandma

Lita said...

What a beautiful little boy. Glad he's back home with his mommy and daddy. Let me know when I'm allowed to visit.

A N T I said...

Your son soo cute...!his eyes so big....!
Im Anti from Indonesia
If you have a much time,
Im waiting in my little blog like you in :

see ya :-)