Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Memories and Odd Facts

As you all know Benjamin is in the hospital. He will hopefully be going home Thursday or Friday. So, while I wait I thought I would complete the tag from Jessica and combine it with Shelly's blog on memories.

Odd Facts:

1. I look at John's ears and cannot keep from touching and picking at them. I know it drives him crazy and I really do try to keep from doing it, but I can't. I also pick at my own ears until they bleed.

2. When I am in a drive thru I must keep plenty of space between the car in front out me and my car, just in case someone try to car jack me. I also have the same rule for the intersection at Harvard and I-44.

3. When I practice singing I use a hair brush as a microphone.

4.I am a people pleaser, who does not like to please people.

5. What atracted me to John was his akwardness and the fact that he was not suave. He swept me off my feet by being John.

Favorite Memories

1. Lake Eufala, everything about it. Playing with "little people" in the creek, sleeping in the pop-up with no AC, playing 21-31, my favorite memory of Eufala was seeing my dad so happy.

2. Going to Grandma and Papa's with my brother and sister and my cousins, laying in the bed scratching each other's backs and then switching sides, then Grandma coming in the room telling us to be quiet and go to sleep.

3. Friday nights with my Mom and Dad, Star Trek and steaks.

4. Telling John I was pregnant.

5. Seeing John's face the first time he saw Benjamin.

Well, now I am getting teary eyed, so I better stop there.


Jennifer said...

Not only did we scratch each other's back but we would write words or letters and try to guess what the person 'wrote.' Being the oldest I got my back scratched first and when it was time to switch I would pretend I was asleep, not quite the people pleaser back then, eh?

Hope little Benji has a quick recovery. This is when I HATE being so far away:(

jessica said...

That's where Jennah gets the singing into the brush thing!

So happy Benjamin is so much better.

Shelly Collins said...

Aw, what a fun memory. I had forgotten about the words and letter guessing. No fair Jenny...yeah, you were the boss.

I can't wait to meet benjamin amy. I don't know when...when you're ready for more visitors and we're able to come maybe on a Saturday.