Saturday, January 26, 2008

Baby Shower

My Family and Friend shower was awesome. I could not believe how many people came! The hostesses did an awesome job. The food, decorations, game, and organization made everything flow so smoothly! Benjamin received everything he needed and wanted times ten, except for his carseat/stroller combo which we were planning on getting ourselves anyways! I can't wait to see Benjamin in all his new clothes, playing with his new toys, and using everything that everyone bought. Thank you to everyone!
So, the third trimester, not really a big fan. I am tired, I can't get comfortable, I get leg cramps, and it feels as if Benjamin is trying to come out of my belly button sometimes. I can no longer get out of the bathtub by myself. John gets the pleasure of watching me look like a beached whale flopping around trying to get in a position where he can hoist me out. Benjamin is already teaching me humility. Either that or he is making me humiliated. Everyday I think I am going into labor. Was that another contaction? Did my water just break? Where's my books, I must check. Yeah, I know I still have over 4 weeks.

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Lita said...

Got a good chuckle out of your post. Brings back fond(?) memories. You think he's humbling you now---just wait til he starts talking!