Monday, January 14, 2008

Church Shower and My Weekend

I had my church shower last Wednesday. We were overwhlemed with gifts! We got tons of clothes and blankets. He will surely never be naked or cold! The cake was awesome. Of course anything with sugar in it taste awesome to me! It was fun to watch John's facial expressions when I opened the gifts. He was getting so excited, ecspecially if anything had "Daddy" or "sports" on it.
John had to unexpectedly work out of town this weekend, but don't worry I didn't get lonely. I had offered to watch Jenny and Brian's boys so Jenny could go visit Brian while he was in Florida. I know that is can be hard to be away from your husband, and I have been somewhat bored, so I thought perfect timing. I had a blast with the boys. I am not saying they were perfect or I was perfect, but I did really enjoy them. If you take time to watch children they can really teach you a lot. There is no rushing in a child's world, even when it is cold outside. Walking down three steps, isn't just taking three steps. Its jumping off the side, not landing right, so you must do it again and this time add a twist while you are in the air. A two second task now takes 5 minutes. They really do make you stop and smell the roses.

I hope everyone is having a great week!


Lita said...

So is there anything left that you still need?????

Anonymous said...

Oh yes. I have the list of things needed before baby comes. Just call me.

Amy: i love how you arrange everything for pictures. It made me think of Christmas.


Shelly Collins said...

How fun. Looks like you are well loved by your church family, what a blessing. Looking foward to Saturday.