Sunday, March 18, 2007

All kinds of news

Dayton had his surgery and he is progressing nicely. John and I kept saying to each other how odd he acted after the surgery and it seemed to be getting worse. I talked to the doctor about the symptoms, and basically the pains meds were making him hallucinate...poor dog, and I kept giving him more. So no more of that medication and personality wise he is almost back to normal. Last night I noticed the incision area was turning a little yellow, and was oozing. He is on antibiotics, but it definitely looks infected. I have been cleaning and medicating it, excellent nursing experience! I must say he is a great patient.

John's grandfather passed away about 2 weeks ago and his family asked me to sing at the funeral. I have never sang at a funeral before, so it was an experience. I was honored to sing at such a great man's funeral.

On the singing note, I was asked to be the "Stampede Leader" at VBS. Basically, I will be leading all the songs at the opening and closing, going over the announcements, and the daily Bible verse. I am excited and nervous. I am glad I am at a church that I can use my gift. I hope that everyone will pray for me to have a heart more like a child's and that I can let lose and enjoy this experience.

School is going great, so are my grades. I am enjoying going to school and hating going to work...hint hint John. Just kidding, love you. I am ready to get in to the nursing part of it.

I hope all is going well for everyone!


Jennifer said...

I've overtaken Brian's computer! Congrats on being the "stampede leader" I know you will be awesome. Let us know when it will be so maybe the boys can come to it. Dayton looks so sad in that picture, like he had done something wrong. Did you all ever put a fence up?

jessica said...

I want to bring my kids too. Jennah will be very impressed!