Monday, November 27, 2006

Lonely mouse hunter...

Thanksgiving has come and gone, and it was quite different this year. John and I divide all the holidays between the two families. I feel we never get enough time to spend with both families. Our families are so diverse. The youngest person in John's family is 15; I have nine nieces and nephews under the age of fifteen. John's family is quiet and small. My family is loud and large. My immediate family consist of 20 people. Overall it was a good Thanksgiving.
The day after Thanksgiving John left to Deluth, MN for snow cross racing, he is technical directing and left from Deluth today and flew straight to Las Vegas, he is working the NFR. He will be gone for about three weeks. It sucks, but I know my husband loves his job.
I sang my first solo at church Sunday. It was the first time I have sang in front of people since college. I love to sing, unfortunately John was not there, but my parents and my oldest sister and her family came. It was not my best performance, but it was the most heart felt. It felt great and was so uplifting for me.
Now, on to the title. I go to put some laundry in the washer AND a MOUSE runs across the floor. Seriously almost died. I scream and startled myself, I didn't sound like a woman, but a manly man scream. It was deep and scary. It sounded like a moose mating call. I fret all day long about it, I tell my mom and sister about it after church they both agree I have to get a mouse trap. (I had originally planned on getting poison, but my mom said this could make them go crazy and possibly chase me. I decided against the poison.) So, I set the trap, go to choir practice, and then come back and check the trap. HOLY MOTHER OF PEARL, there is mouse. I scream, this time much more feminine. When I set the trap, I never thought about what I would do if I caught a mouse. I call John, "Um, throw it away." I just cant do it, I can not get close to it, what if it twitches or worse....what if it is still alive! So, I call my dad, "Dad I'll cook you and Mom dinner if you come over and dispose of the mouse." It was a no go. The mouse sat there over night. I just did not have the courage. This morning I got up, feeling somewhat brave. I set a path and made a contraption so I would at least be 4 feet away from the mouse at all times. I did it, the mouse gone. I screamed the entire time and kept tell Dayton the mouse was looking at me. Dayton really enjoyed the whole thing. I think one time I even heard him laugh. I set another trap, just as a precaution. I run to take Dayton to doggie daycare and to run a few errands. I come home and SERIOUSLY YOU HAVE TO BE FREAKING KIDDING ME! another mouse. So, the cycle continues, call John, call Mom, I cry this time around, and more screams. I finally ridded myself of the second mouse carcass and and no it doesn't get easier the second time. I went and bought 5 mouse traps, I know a bit ridiculous in a 4 X 3 foot room, but no chances this time. For the love of God, I hope I do not get anymore mice, I honestly don't think my poor heart can take it.


jessica said...

That is so funny Amy! I never took you for one that would be scared of mice.

Jennifer said...

Eeewwww! I hate mice alive, but even dead they freak me out. Now John MUST get you a cat;)

Glad to hear all went well with the solo. Can't wait to hear you sing again!

jessica said...

The picture of you and John on your my space is so cute! You are really missing him now I'm sure, but not to much longer and you will be there with him. Come visit us if you get too lonely.