Monday, October 30, 2006


Well, it is official, I am a college student...Again. I enrolled today and have many emotions running through my body. I am so, so excited, but also really nervous. I took 13 hours, Biology for Majors, Developmental Psychology, American Government, and US History. To get in to the nursing program they go on a point system, for every A you get this many points, etc. Luckily, the classes that are prerequisites I did well on the first go around at school. I am hoping to apply for the program in January of 2008, it sounds like a long time away, but its only 2 semesters away. Keep me in your prayers, I know with God by my side this is possible.

In other news, John is in Kentucky this week and will get in next Sunday. I am already lonely. The house is so quiet! I am working on a solo for church, it is called, "In Christ Alone". Jerome thought it was a perfect song choice for me. I am not for sure about that, I am not use to singing"pop" songs. We will see!

I am hosting a Arbonne party for Lita on December 2, mark your calendars!


jessica said...

How did your mom's party go Saturday?

Shelly Collins said...

Congrats Amy! I agree with Jenny, you'll probably enjoy school much more this time. That's cool about your solo, tell me again when the Christmas program is, I think I'd enjoy coming. Funny, we visited Garnett COC this last Sunday and Jerome was visiting so we got to see him again. I really enjoy his singing and he is so inspirational.

Shelly Collins said...

OK Amy, I finally made a post today so it's your turn :). I miss your updates.