Tuesday, October 03, 2006

To keep you updated...

I have a really hard time keeping up with my blog, here is a run down on what's been going on in the LeMasters lives.
This past weekend John went to South Carolina to work a polo game. It was his first time to work a polo match and also his first time to Technical Direct outside the office. It was an excellent opportunity for him. He of course did a great job. Tonight he is working at the TU game. He was asked by ESPN to work as a stage manager, he was so excited. Again an excellent opportunity for him. He is really moving along and I am really proud of him. The picture is the board that John worked on in Carolina. Now does everyone see why it is so hard to describe what he does?!
Dayton's neck is much better and so is he. Today he went to Doggie Daycare at a place named Pooches. It is fairly inexpensive and Dayton really enjoyed himself. They are in a 2000 sq ft room, with toys, couches,and room to play. There was probably about 20 other dogs there. They are also taken out every hour to run and go to the bathroom outside. The workers said Dayton jumped right in with no hesitation.
Exciting things are happening in my life as well. I am only having to work part time now, because my husband loves me so much. Well, and the fact I am going back to school, full time in January. John is allowing me to take a break before school starts. I have finally picked a career, nursing. I am really nervous about going back, but hopefully everything will go well.

Hope everything is going well with everyone!



jessica said...

That is so exciting about you going into nursing! I'm kinda jealous. I think I would enjoy that. Finally we will have someone to go to with all our random medical questions.

Jennifer said...

I agree with Jess, a person to ask ALL our medical questions too!

Thanks for the update! Even if it sounds boring to you, I want to know all details;)

John has a cool job. You coming up this weekend?

Shelly Collins said...

i love your updates. looks like everything is falling into place for you. i hope nursing will be very satisfing for you...the nurses were the best thing about my hospital stay, they can make such a difference.

and yeah, i agree, John has the coolest job. blake is very jealous.