Tuesday, November 30, 2010

-School is almost over for the semester, just a midciricular exam and my final. Hardest semester of my life. The reward, this time next year I will be a Registered Nurse.

-Ben had pnemonia. Poor guy. Luckily he wasn't hospitalized and I was able to use my nursing skills on him. To be diagnosed he had to have blood work drawn and have a chest x-ray. He was incredibley good for both. When they stuck him with the need he looked at her and said "THAT HURT!" During the x-ray the tech said he was the best two year old that she has ever given an xray. Yes, I am bragging. We go back Thursday for a follow up. I'm curious how he will be now that he is feeling better.

-Thanksgiving was good. My favorite part was black friday shopping with my sisters. Although I did complain a lot and at one point I think I may have cried.

-Next semester is labor and delivery and pediatrics. I am so excited!

-John is at the NFR for the next two weeks. Each year it is the longest two weeks.

-I started running in May. I began with a 20 minute mile and now I am to an 8.5 minute mile. Not an olympic time, but I still feel proud. Bonus, I've lost 22 pounds and have gone down 2 sizes.

-This summer I plan on starting to work as a nurse extern. Pray for me that an outstanding oppurtunity comes up.

-I love Christmas shopping!

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