Friday, November 19, 2010

Ben's little sayings...

I've got to start writing these down before I forget them.

-Dayton ate his food too fast and threw it all up. Ben says, "I guess he didn't like it."

-Me, "What do you want for Christmas?" Ben, "a present." Me, "What kind?" Ben, "Papa in a present."

-After he throws up, "Yes!! I got it all up!"

-"I loves you."

-Abram and Ben talking. Ben, "Are you kidding me?" "Are you kidding me?" Are you kidding me?" Abram, "I AM NOT KIDDING YOU!" (Ben had a tendency to repeat himself.

Ben, "But I like to hit."

During his first football game, "You get to push?"


Lita said...

Oh, these are priceless. Keep writing them down so they're not forgotten.

Anonymous said...

Hold you.