Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Happy Anniversary

We married July 1, 2006. It was HOT! The wedding went without a hitch as did the reception. Surprisingly, we didn't lose anyone to a heat stroke. Our big wedding night was spent at home eating Taco Bueno and opening presents. It could not have been more perfect or more fitting for our relationship. We do not need bells and whistles, we are the bells and whistles. I never thought I could love you more than what I did on our wedding day, but I do. I love you.

Our first baby arrived February 12, 2008. I am still sorry for telling you I was pregnant over the phone. Maybe with the next I will tell you in a blog. Not today though. Take a deep breath. Having you as my birthing coach was hilarious. I don't know if I had every seen you so serious before. I wonder if any other woman in labor has ever stopped mid push to start laughing. That day my love for you changed, it matured. I had this little miracle that you and I had made that would connect us for the rest of our lives. I love you.

Three years. It seems like yesterday you proposed to me after my famous pre-proposal words, "I think this is the worst diarrhea I have ever had." Those words set our whole marriage. You are so kind to everyone, a wonderful father, a bigger than words husband to me, a great provider, a phenomenal friend. I love you...even more than mayonnaise. Thank you for choosing ME to be your wife.


Jennifer said...

Ah . . . happy anniversary!!!! My prayer is that you ALWAYS remember the fun times and cherish them during the hard times. It doesn't even seem like three years ago. Um, the wedding went off without a hitch? I remember some of those guests and they caused a bit of a hitch;) Good times!!!!!

See you on Saturday with your bells on!

Shelly Collins said...

Did I ever tell you that diarrhea and engagement were both involved for too? Huh.

Shelly Collins said...

insert "me" after for!