Sunday, June 22, 2008

Spur of the Moment?

Friday night I went to be at 9:00. I know, I am so wild and crazy. John got up with Ben and let me sleep in till 10:00 AM! I guess I was really tired. I have really been wanting to get our produce and whatever else I can afford, locally grown. Saturday morning when I finally rolled out of bed, I went to the Farmer's Market on Cherry St. What an odd array of people. You have the original hippies, yuppies, new age hippies, and me. I got there too late and there wasn't a lot left. There is another one on Monday on 15th and one on Wednesday on Peoria. I think I will go to both of these. After the Farmer's Market disappointment I was itching to spend some money and find a good deal. I went to a consignment store on 33rd and Harvard called The Children's Closet. I have gone in there a few times and they have really cute clothes, somewhat pricey for consignment, but they really do only take the best of the best and only name brand. They had everything marked down 20-75% off. I had been eyeing a diaper bag, but it was $42.00, but it just happened to be 75% off. When I got home we were all sitting on the back porch and I made the comment, "What a great day for the lake." John replied, "Do you want to go?" My reply, much to John's surprise, was yes. We left within 15 minutes and spent the day at Grand Lake. It was so much more fun than the times when I try to plan everything to a T. It was a wonderful Saturday.

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