Saturday, April 05, 2008

One Month to Live

We are starting a new series at church entitled, "One Month to Live". In small group the question went around the circle, how would you change your life if you had one month to live. After small group I realized everyone, including myself, misinterpreted and answered what you would do. For example, make sure my son, my husband, my estates are all in order and not how you would change your everyday life. So of course my wheels got to turning, how would I change my life, how would I think differently.
-I wouldn't wear make-up, take 20 minutes figuring out what I would wear, exercise to lose weight, diet, or go shopping. How could I justify that time spent away from those I love to make my" shell" look better? Every minute is precious.
-I wouldn't spend so much time making sure my house if clean before people came over or worse, not have people over because I don't want to clean my house. Seriously, do I care if people at my funeral say, "She always had such a clean house."
-I would drive to see my sister more. Gas prices and maintenance on the car would seem so trivial.
-I would be much more honest. I wouldn't say I am a liar now, but I wouldn't hold so much in. I guess I wouldn't care so much about making people feel uncomfortable, or hurting their feelings. In life some times the truth hurts.
-I would talk more about my faith. I am ashamed to say I rarely talk about God to those I love the most.
-I would answer the phone when people call, I would make the time no matter what I am doing.
-I would throw my TV to the curb. I have caught myself on more than one occasion saying, I will come to bed as soon as this show is over, or I will call them back over this show is over. DVR has helped, but now I feel like I watch even more TV. It makes me sad when I think I know everyones names on Big Brother, but not everyones name in church.

So, how would you live differently?


Jennifer said...

So . . . when are you making that next drive down;)

Anonymous said...

I would quit working and enjoy the children and grandchildren more. I enjoy them now but I only have so much energy and time. I have to think of my husband, too. He enjoys (and so do I) the extra things we can enjoy with me working. How can I have both!? We want our toys (like our trailer) but how can we have our toys and the time to enjoy them. Don't you wish we could live to be 600, 700, or 800 years old?


Shelly Collins said...

What an excellent post Amy. I'm going to give it some thought!