Thursday, March 27, 2008


I lost it today, lost it. I am so tired. My body hurts. My brain is no longer functioning. I either have postpartum depression or I am just stressed to the absolute max. I cried the majority of the day. Benji didn't sleep during the day. We went on a walk, sat outside and enjoyed the weather, sang songs, but those little peepers would not close. To make it worse he wouldn't eat either, at least not from me. And to top it off John is out of town for the first time since he has been born.
So after a tearful call to my momma, I decided to quit breastfeeding. It felt like the world had been lifted off my shoulders. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy breastfeeding but I know my limits. I can handle no more stress. I thought I would feel guilty and maybe a part of me does, but I think Benji would prefer a happy momma. So there you have it. Do I feel like a quitter? Nah. I made a decision that is best for me and Benji. I love my son.


Shelly Collins said...

They say any breastmilk is better than none. He has still benefited from the time you've nursed so you should feel good about that. I remember when I decided to stop with Wilder I felt a huge burden lifted too. It's just hard with your first! I'll be praying for the transition for both of you. Anytime you want to come over on Tuesday or Wednesday just let me know. And crying is good :). love ya!

Jennifer said...

I say you are STRESSED OUT! Your a rock star for sticking it out so long, I am proud of you! I hope you come for a visit so I can help you out;)

jessica said...

You got it right. You have to do what works for you guys.

Do you have plans on Saturday?

Blair Family said...

I felt guilty when I quit breatfeeding too, but I know that was best for us. When we went to formula Ben was up to 12lbs in no time:) These first few months are the hardest. Hang in there Mom!!