Friday, December 21, 2007

Let there be light...

And on the tenth day God said let there be light. John and I were without power for ten days, actually I was. John had no power for 4 days. He was in Vegas (on business) for two weeks. On the first day without power everyone called to see how I was. People really worry about you when you are pregnant and by yourself! John's cousin brought by a roasted chicken for me, food is very, very important to the LeMasters. John called to tell me his brother was on the way to the house to bring me firewood. I asked if he could just take me to Checotah to my in-laws. I had been without power for 12 hours, already felt a little crazy, very lonely, and cold...I knew I wouldn't last much longer. So, I stayed in Checotah until the follwing Monday. I loved Checotah. Everthing was slow paced, my in-laws spoiled me with days of shopping, wonderful food, movies, and pretty much anything my heart desired (which basically was just a lot of sweets). John flew in the following Sunday and we left fot Tulsa the next day for a doctors appointment and to check on the house. We lost a ton of limbs, giant limbs, our front porch awning was ripped off, we had punctures in our siding, some damage to the privacy fence, our shed in the back was crunched, and the wires were detatched from our house. "It could have been worse," is what I kept telling John (although I was biting my cheek to keep the tears from falling, and honestly it could have been worse, but all I can/could think off is preparing my home , our lives for our baby.) Let's see, Monday and Tuesday we stayed at my parents house so we could work on the house during the day and sleep there at night. Wednesday afternoon, I was taking a break from raking (John was at the bank) and a PSO truck drove by, I waved and smiled, he stopped, put it in reverse, and asked if I had power. "Nope." I must have looked pathetic, 30 weeks pregnant, no make-up, dirty, and worn out from raking and picking up what wood I could. Within 15 minutes we had lights! Priaise God! Glory Hallelujah! I cried.
Back to the doctor's appintment. I only have 10 weeks left. I am healthy, text book on weight gain, blood pressure, etc. He measured my belly, which he said is measuring big...YES! Moving up the due date...wrong, He is just a big boy. Oh, well, big healthy boy to take care of his momma.

I hope everyone is doing well!

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jessica said...

Sorry I didn't call and check on you. We had so much going on here I didn't even think about it. You need to come and visit next week sometime. Did you ever get to take your finals?