Saturday, November 24, 2007

Growing Up and Holidays

With each passing year the Holiday season keeps changing. The child inside of me misses the Thanksgivng where everyone came to my parent's house. It was mass chaos, too many people in a small area, there was wasted food, wasted pop, belly aches from eating too much food, loud talkers, and football on the TV blaring. But all my brothers and sisters were there, all my family was there, I didn't realize it at the time, but they are what made my Thanksgiving so great. I know my family is not perfect and I am sure there was drama at each holiday, but for some reason I don't remember those things.
We now have to make specific times for family to "fit" everyone in. We no longer make time for the ones we love, we schedule time. My holidays consist of watching the clock and watching people's feelings. I miss the Christmas with Jody in his stocking hat, Marla slowly moving around, barely awake, Jenny running into my room, "You have to see what Santa brought you", and Jonathan soon to follow with stocking in hand. I can remember one Christmas present I received, the trampoline. But I have numerous memories of Christmas time with my family that I wouldn't trade for a million presents. The greatest present I received as a child was being born in to the Richardson/Hendricks family.
I do enjoy my holidays now too, they are just changing. I have two of everything; now my little family is making thier own traditions, but it is hard letting go of past traditions. I love my family, all of my family, and I hope we continue to grow.

Happy Holidays


Shelly Collins said...

You made the best little talking Christmas tree...let me know when you want to come by to get little boy clothes!

Mom said...

You said it perfectly but now I am crying and I am at work. (really shouldn't be reading blogs at work but needed a break)

Love you

Lita said...

You made me cry, too, and I'm not even a Richardson OR Hendricks.

Jennifer said...

The last two aren't even pregnant, and yet THEY are crying?!

I had a good Thanksgiving and glad I wasn't the one breaking down;)