Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Poor Dayton

Sunday Dayton had this spot under his chin, that looked like a scratch. It was no big deal, his cousin Fleck had stayed the night and they played all night. He usually has little remnants left after Fleck leaves, all in good fun. Monday roles around and I go to work and tell Kim about Dayton's little spot on his chin, and she says,well it might be a hot spot so I would go ahead a bring him in. I go home at lunch to get Dayton and eat, and totally disgusted Dayton's neck looks like hamburger meat! I take him to work, they have to sedate him and shave his neck, medicate, and clean it. Apparently, Dayton has really sensitive skin. He had an infection on top of a secondary infection. Last night was a rough one. Dayton was still little out of it, due to the sedation, I put him on the couch, silly me he urinates all over it. After the sedation wears off he doesn't want to lay down because it hurts neck, he didn't want it to touch anything. So the majority of the night was spent with Dayton just standing there staring at me whining. It was awful!

In other news, John and I placed membership at the Sandusky Avenue Christian Church. The other picture is of my new hair cut. John starts his travel season in October. He will be gone 29 days from October to December. Other than that nothing else is really going on. I still have my tires and wheels.

Ok, I can't get any pics to upload, so use your imagination.


jessica said...

That poor dog! He has had so much wrong with him. Luckily you work at a vet now.

If you get lonely with John being gone you are always welcome to come and visit us.

Jennifer said...

Very creative story about Fleck! Good to know nobody wants your tires and wheels, you must not be popular;)

Will John be gone the 19th of November? I am wanting to be in a marathon and could use your help.

Shelly Collins said...

Amy we're going to visit your church on Sunday. Hope you don't thing we're stalkers, we just need to try something. There are so many churches out there that we know nothing about that anything with any sort of reference is worth visiting. Plus it sounds like something Blake would feel comfortable at. What time did you say service started?