Friday, September 15, 2006


I got my haircut today. It is really cute and quite trendy. I have bangs , which I haven't had since elementary school. The lady I went to was awesome...Thanks Jessica. Honestly, one of the best haircuts I ever got.
Ok, I promise I have had more going on than just the haircut. Things for me, emotionally, spiritually, and mentally are really changing. I don't know if I am maturing or if I am just viewing things in a different manner. I am wanting to wait at least a few years before I have children. I am wanting to go back to school. I could barely support myself on what I make now and if, God forbid, anything was to ever happen to John, I would never be able to support a family on what I make. That is where school comes into play. I would like to get into some fast track courses this semester, but I don't know if that is possible.
John and I spent the night in the emergency room with his grandfather. He has pneumonia, to top his dementia and diabetes. The conversations with his grandfather go in circles. He asked in less than two hours, at least 4 times,why we were at the hospital and it always followed with, how would they know if I had pneumonia. I don't want to say its funny, but sometimes you have to find humor in things.
Seeing John take care of his Grandpa makes me appreciate him even more. He makes quite the little nurse.

Everyone please pray that God guides me in the direction he wants me to go and, mainly, that I will listen.

Hope everyone's weekend goes great.



jessica said...

I can't wait to see your hair! Why didn't you put a picture on here? You are in our prayers.

Lita said...

So where's the picture of the new haircut? Maybe I'll have to wait and see it at Mazzios!