Friday, December 07, 2012

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      September 2012.

      One of John and I's pet peeves about facebook is when couples write on each other's walls.  Example:  Happy Anniversary! I love you more today than the day I married you etc.  I wonder if they actually say it to one another in person or just put it on each others wall.  So, instead of doing it on facebook I am going to do it on my blog...that makes it OK. : ) 
      I know and remember how hard it can be on a marriage when you have a baby.  So much of your time is spent with the baby your spouse can feel neglected, your marriage can feel neglected.  Whenever John feels like he is on the back burner I want him to read this blog.

Dear John,

I'm not for sure if my enormous belly gave it away or not, but we are getting ready to have two babies.  Two.  And they are girls.  Two girls. Now take a big deep breath in. : )  I will keep reminding you, if you continue to remind me.  I'm trying to figure out a good way to start in confessing my love for you.  I'm sure it will be awkward, similar to our entire relationship ie: first date, proposal, etc. but awkward it what we are good at.  That was one of the reasons I first fell in love with you.  You never said the "right" thing, you said the honest thing.  Perfect timing was non existent.  We never had the story book romance, which is what I always thought I wanted, but it turns out that, that is just a story.  You  didn't win me over with romantic dinners, flowers, poems or gifts.  (Obviously not gifts.  Remember our second Christmas?  A razor, a cook book and acne cream.  I'm suprised we still got married after that Christmas.)  You won me over with your love for me, your honesty, your simpleness, your devotion, the father I knew you would be, your stability, the way you look at me, the way you treat me and your legs.  (I love your legs, if I could bend over right now without tipping over I would totally squueze your calves.)  So those are the things that made me fall for you, now on to the things that continue to make me fall deeper.  All of the above plus, the father your are, the incredible head of househould you have become, your confidence, the way you comfort me, the Christian man you have become, the incredible provider you are and the humor you bring to our relationship. (You just walked into the room and showed me that you shaved your armpits on "accident".  Its never a dull moment around here.)  Our lives have never been perfect.  Never even close.  We have faced one challenge after another.  All of our challenges we have gone through have made for incredible memories (and funny stories, example our first trip to Branson.) I wouldn't change a challenge. There is no one I would rather go through this imperfect challenging life with and if you asked me to marry you again I would say yes, right after I told you I had the worse diarrhea of my life...again, perfect timing.

 I still love you more than mayonaise.

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