Sunday, August 05, 2012


-We were both laying on my bed looking at my growing belly and my stomach growled.  Ben's eyes got huge, "the babies just tooted!"

-While at the doctors office looking at a book we come across a cow with utters.  With his head cocked to the side, "look at all those penis' on that cow."

-Trying to teach a social child about strangers can be quite challenging. Me, " Ben we do not talk to adults if we do not know their name, they are called a stranger." Ben, "If I can't talk to them how can I ask them their name?" Me, "So, if someone comes to your school to pick you up and you do not know them do you get in their car?"  Ben, "No, I would ask their name first."  Me, "Lets start again."

-"Mom, you know the babie will have baginas like you."

-"Ben are you going to take care of your little sisters?"  "Yes, I am going to protect them and spank them"  Nope no spanking.

During the 110 degree weather a few clouds appeared, "Dad it looks like its going to snow."

"Mom you going to poop the babies out?"

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Audrey Grace said...

Oh, these are great. I love how a child's mind works.