Tuesday, December 27, 2011

ABC's of 2011

A-John and I celebrated our five year anniversary. It gets sweeter with each passing year.
B-Ben started his second year at Broadway Baptist Preschool. He is in there three year old program. His bestest little friend is named Brighton.
C-My Christian walk has changed a lot this year.
D-My brother-in-law was deployed to Afghanistan.
E-This year on Easter, Ben was able to hunt for his eggs by himself. This may seem insignificant but it is a reminder of how big he is getting.
F-We went on a family vacation to Florida. We stayed in Fort Walton Beach in a condo right on the beach. It was incredible.
G-I graduated from nursing school. The most challenging experience of my life. It was incredibly gratifying.
H-Ben went to his first happy birthday party that wasn't a family member. It was his best friend Brock's fourth birthday.
I-I can drive on the interstate in the rain without having a panic attack. So embarassing.
J-May 2011 marked one year of 3-5 days of jogging per week.
K-John accepted a job at KOTV as an evening director and manager.
L-I accepted a job in labor and delivery at St Francis Hospital.
M-I had a miscarriage in November. I'm still trying to put the pieces of my heart back together.
N-My middle brother and his family became neighbors to my parents, moving in across the street.
O-School was incredibly overwhelming this year.
P-Pregnancy has been the word this year. In January we will be seeing a fertility specialist.
Q-John quit traveling with his new job. I love having him home. Also John quit dipping.
R-I have read a total of 7 books for pleasure this year and about 20 for nursing school.
S-I got strep throat in November, it took two rounds of antibiotics to wipe it out. It is the sickest I have been in a long time.
T-My baby turned three, I turned thirty and John turned thirty three and there are three of us.
U-Ben went from diapers to underwear this year. He really did a fantastic job at potty training. For Ben three was the magic number.
V-I lost part of my visual field from an autoimmune disease. It caused optic nerve swelling. I will never regain that vision back due to scar tissue.
W-I started working this year as a nurse tech during my last semester of nursing school. I worked in post partum at St Francis Hospital.
X-I learned to play the xylophone this year. Not really, I just couldn't think of anything with the letter x.
Y-Ben is a young boy now, not a baby. It some ways its incredible like when he tells me he loves me, but in other ways I miss him being a little baby.
Z-We went to the zoo three times this year. Ben loves the animals.

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