Wednesday, July 20, 2011

149 days

I'm not pregnant. John and I have been trying to get pregnant and today I found out I'm not pregnant. I must say this is such an emotional roller coaster ride. Ben was a suprise, big suprise so we never went through the process of trying. I know in my mind God's timing and God's plan are much better than mine. But each month with the reminder that I'm not pregnant makes my heart ache. I love Benjamin so much and equally love being a Mommy.

**Interuption: Ben just walked in and asked if he could be my baby. His insight and timing always awes me.

Ending on a funny note during our small group one of the men prayed for John and I his prayer went like this: "Please be with John and Amy as they try to get pregnant. I pray that you give them time to get it done." I could not quit laughing.

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